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Meet Sarah McAbee, a powerhouse of positivity, innovation, and unwavering determination! From her early days, Sarah's journey is a rollercoaster of triumphs fueled by her infectious spirit and unstoppable drive.

With a sparkle in her eye and a can-do attitude, Sarah thrives in the fast-paced world of corporate leadership. She's the ultimate problem-solving wizard, effortlessly turning challenges into opportunities with her strategic prowess and cool-headed approach.

But Sarah's not just about business suits and board meetings—she's also the brains behind The Real J6, where she's on a mission to uncover the truth behind January 6, 2021. As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, she's breaking barriers and making waves in a not so touchable world. And let's not forget her heart of gold - as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Stand in the Gap, Sarah champions noble causes, from family services to justice reform, with boundless passion and unwavering dedication.

When she's not busy changing the world, you'll find Sarah jet-setting to destinations, soaking up inspiration from every corner of the globe. A true connoisseur of life's pleasures, she savors the rich flavors of fine wines and embraces the beauty of diverse cultures with open arms.

But amidst her whirlwind adventures, Sarah's greatest joy comes from cherished moments spent with her loved ones. Whether it's a cozy night in or an epic adventure outdoors, she understands the power of genuine connections and the importance of filling life with love and laughter.

With her magnetic personality and unshakeable resolve, Sarah McAbee is more than just a professional powerhouse—she's a beacon of light, spreading joy, making a difference, and leaving a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

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My Story

Sharing her story isn’t a chosen career path for Sarah. In fact, this isn’t something Sarah ever truly envisioned herself being an integral part of, but we all know that God gives us missions that aren’t necessarily planned. He gives us journeys that may test us and challenge us, but this is always because He knows that we are able to rise to the occasion and make the difference that is needed. Sarah recently left the corporate career that she eagerly built because she is so passionate about this mission.


At the time, she certainly didn’t know, but January 6th, 2021 was a day that would drastically alter her life. While she was nowhere near the U.S Capitol or even Washington, D.C., the events that occurred continue to guide her life’s work.

Not long after directly experiencing the wrath of the United States government, Sarah met Shane Jenkins, another January 6th defendant that was incarnated in the D.C. jail. After meeting Shane, they discussed the systematic issues within the justice system and particularly, the treatment that that January 6th defendants were getting. He suggested that they collectively bring their unique experiences together to help create change. You see, Shane's life experiences were much different than Sarah's as he so eloquently puts it, "I was destined to bust the gates of hell right open, until The Lord stepped in and saved me". He was a leader and servant in his community, until he found himself again behind bars for the events surrounding January 6th.


Sarah and Shane decided to take action and co-founded The Real J6 organization together, which is dedicated to giving a voice to the January 6th defendants. By shining light on the defendants, The Real J6 aims to showcase the harsh treatment they have faced from their own government. Civil liberties are a cornerstone at the foundation of our country and The Real J6 organization works to expose the multiple injustices perpetrated by our very own government.


Shortly after starting The Real J6, they realized there were many critical needs not being met. Thus, Stand in the Gap was formed. A nonprofit foundation dedicated to assisting the January 6th defendants and their families. 


At Stand in the Gap, their mission is to provide unwavering support to January 6th defendants and their families, aiming to alleviate the profound burden they endure. They strive to offer comprehensive assistance and comfort, ensuring that these individuals and their loved ones do not face this challenging journey alone. Their dedication stems from the belief that those who stood in the gap for our nation on January 6th deserve our unwavering support and acknowledgment. It is our collective commitment to stand in the gap for them, assuring them that America has not forgotten their sacrifice.


Before January 6th, many were unaware of the systemic problems that plagued the United States justice system. The treatment of the January 6th defendants, as well as their families and advocates, exposed the harsh realities and injustices that had persisted for far too long. It became painfully clear that a system designed to uphold justice was, in many cases, failing those it was meant to protect.


Sarah's journey is rooted in the belief that the American justice system must be fair and no one should be above the law. As she forges ahead, she is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by these injustices and to working tirelessly towards a better future.


Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sarah McAbee is the dedicated Co-Founder and Executive Director of Stand in the Gap, an organization committed to providing vital support to January 6th defendants and their families. With a deep sense of compassion and unwavering dedication, Sarah leads efforts to ensure that no one faces the challenges of this journey alone. Inspired by the belief that those who stood for our nation on January 6th deserve acknowledgment and support, Stand in the Gap stands as a beacon of hope, advocating for justice reform and serving as a pillar of strength in difficult times.

Co-Founder & COO

Sarah McAbee is the dynamic Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Real J6, an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of the January 6th defendants. With a commitment to civil liberties and the right to dissent, Sarah spearheads efforts to shed light on the injustices faced by these individuals. Sarah and her team challenge stereotypes and encourage critical thinking, advocating for fair treatment and due process for all. At The Real J6, Sarah leads the charge in promoting resilience and inspiring others to stand up for their beliefs, no matter the odds.

Corporate America

From Secretary to Vice President

Sarah McAbee embarked on her corporate journey as a secretary, displaying unmatched dedication and determination as she climbed the ranks to become the trusted right hand of numerous executives across diverse industries. Blessed with the opportunity to learn from esteemed leaders, Sarah credits her success to the invaluable lessons imparted by both her parents and the business luminaries she encountered along the way. Through her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to glean insights from the best in the business, Sarah forged a path of achievement, leaving an indelible mark on every organization she touched.

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