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The Sarah McAbee Show

The Sarah McAbee Show is a stirring celebration of American values and resilience, where Sarah fearlessly champions noble causes, uncovers truths, and spreads joy with her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the nation's future. Tune in for inspiring stories and advocacy that exemplify the spirit of America.


Make Honey Great Again: Supporting Charities and America First w/ Todd Gerhart

Todd Gerhardt, co-founder of Make Honey Great Again, shares his journey and the mission of his company. They produce a bottle of honey featuring Donald Trump and donate the majority of their profits to various charities. Todd discusses the importance of supporting America First programs and the need for election reform. He highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement and the efforts to provide mental health support for police officers. Todd emphasizes the role of everyday Americans in fighting for justice and preserving the values of America. He encourages people to get involved and support causes that align with their beliefs.


From Patriots to Prisoners: Inside the January 6th Trials w/ Mark and Jalise Middleton

Mark and Jalise Middleton, founders of American Patriot Relief, discuss their January 6th experience, including biased trials and media portrayal. Despite challenges, they're fighting for justice and supporting fellow defendants. 


The Importance of Reading and Understanding the Constitution w/ Joni Bryan

Joni Bryan, founder of the 917 Society, shares her journey of promoting constitutional education, targeting eighth graders. She discusses challenges like lack of funding and awareness, as well as her proudest accomplishment—building relationships with supporters who share her passion. The conversation underscores the importance of teaching the Constitution, the erosion of constitutional knowledge, and the role of the 917 Society in providing free constitutions and organizing events. It encourages individuals to donate, volunteer, and get involved.


Defending Free Speech Rights w/ Joeylynn Mesaros

Joeylynn Mesaros shares her story of being sued by the Biden White House officials and Democrats under the Ku Klux Klan law of 1871. She and her husband were driving next to the Biden bus during its campaign in 2020 with Trump flags on their truck. The media spread lies about their actions, portraying them as white supremacists and threats to democracy. They are now facing a civil lawsuit where plaintiffs claim emotional damage from their exercise of free speech. Joey Lynn discusses the impact of mainstream media on public perception and the role of influencers in shaping the narrative. She emphasizes the importance of defending free speech rights for all Americans.


Special Guest Nick Searcy

In this conversation, Sarah McAbee interviews Nick Searcy, an actor and filmmaker, about his experiences and perspectives on various topics, including his career in Hollywood, the events of January 6th, and his new autobiography. They discuss the media's portrayal of the January 6th events and the ongoing persecution of individuals involved. They also touch on the corruption in Hollywood and the education system. Nick shares his insights and the importance of speaking out against injustice and standing up for what is right.

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